Security and data protection

Protection of your highly sensitive medical data is a chief priority.

You decide who has access to your health information

The medical data in your evita health record belong to you. This means that you decide who is allowed to access your data and that you have access to your personal information whenever you need access and wherever you are.

You may also grant third parties (e.g. members of your family) access to your health record. These people, in turn, can then authorise others – such as a physician – to access your evita health record, if needed, so that you do not have to worry about granting access rights in case of a referral to a specialist, or else.

In any case, you maintain control over the access rights to your evita health record. You can always check who is accessing your data and revoke or grant more access privileges. Whether you make your medical data in evita visible to others or only to yourself is up to you.

You can always access your data

Your healthcare data is encrypted and stored on evita servers in a Swisscom data centre in Switzerland. In this way you can access your data any time from any computer, provided you have an Internet connection.

Your data is protected from unauthorised viewing and manipulation

We ensure that only persons who are authorised by you, such as yourself and authorised third parties (e.g. family members, physicians or specialists), can access your data. Swisscom employees do not have access to your healthcare data. In addition, your data is highly protected on the evita servers. The evita servers are located in a secure Swisscom data centre. All transfers of sensitive data from an evita server to your device are encrypted in order to protect data against manipulation and access by unauthorised persons.

Data protection and privacy

We attach the highest priority to the protection of your data and your privacy. You own your data, and only you and those expressly authorised by you can access your data. If you decide to stop using evita, you can permanently delete your account and all data and documents stored on the server. Once you have deleted an evita account, you cannot restore it.