Connected health

Swisscom offers individuals a range of contemporary products and services related to personal health management.

In its capacity as a partner, Swisscom supports service providers with sophisticated electronic platforms and solutions that make communication more efficient, simplify administrative procedures and increase the security of information and data exchange.

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evita thinks ahead

evita is actively involved in various committees and associations with the aim of providing a uniform basis for the safe exchange of medical data and information – a basic requirement for the implementation of the Swiss government's eHealth strategy.


evita is an active member of:


IHE Switzerland

IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) is an international initiative working to improve electronic data exchange between IT systems in the healthcare sector by promoting the implementation of uniform standards such as HL7 or DICOM.


IG eHealth Switzerland

The goal of the eHealth interest group is to make better use of eHealth’s potential in the healthcare sector. It helps to improve the efficiency, quality, safety and effectiveness of the healthcare sector in Switzerland.



The international communication standard HL7 (Health Level Seven), specially developed for the healthcare sector, enables communication between almost all institutions and areas in the healthcare system.