What is an electronic health record?

A web-based electronic health record allows you to store your digital health and medical data in a single location, which you can access whenever and wherever you want.

Why do I need an electronic health record?

An electronic health record makes it easier to record and manage your healthcare and medical data, such as weight, blood pressure or pulse. All of your key data are immediately available both at home and abroad, enabling medical staff to treat you properly in a medical emergency. You can also electronically deposit copies of your travel documents, living will, lasting power of attorney, funeral arrangements, and last will and testament, which will be available in the event that you need urgent medical care.

Who needs an electronic health record?

Everyone can create an electronic health record in evita. You decide what kind of data you want to store and manage. You can save your vaccination data, manage the healthcare data for the whole family, archive surgical reports and X-rays, or enter your weight regularly.

Is an online personal health record only useful for people who are often ill?

No, evita is a useful service for everyone, whether ob "healthy" or "sick". In evita you can store vital signs, travel documents or advance directive documents so that you receive the medical treatment you desire in the event that you need urgent medical care.