Access to your healthcare data in hospital

You can access your healthcare data safely and at any time from your hospital bed in hospitals that cooperate with evita in the paperless exchange of documents such as your hospital discharge report or X-rays from your last examination. Upon request, the partner hospitals provide free access to your electronic examination results and hospital documents, so that you can view them online around the clock, even from home.

Details telling you how to access your electronic medical documents will be released to you only when you enter the hospital. evita partner hospitals will distribute appropriate patient information.

evita and your treatment wishes

Have you uploaded your living will in evita? The living will is a written document that specifies what types of medical treatment you desire should you become incapacitated. The new Swiss Adult Protection Law, in force since 2013, aims to accentuate self-determination. Thus as a mentally competent person you can write a living will specifying your preferences for care in the event that you lose your decision-making capability. This allows you to exercise your right to self-determination even in a situation in which you are unable to make decisions. Physicians are required to check for the existence of a living will before starting treatment in the event that you need urgent medical care.