evita – a healthy solution for your data

evita offers a reliable web-based solution for the electronic storage of your digital fitness and healthcare data. You only need one account to manage several health records. Medical data and documents are stored in a single place and can be accessed safely at any time. One solution for several health records!

Healthcare data

Register your blood type, allergies, medications and vaccinations and document your diagnoses and treatment plans as well as vital signs such as your blood pressure/pulse and weight/BMI. In an emergency, these medical data might help ensure optimal medical care. You decide for yourself which healthcare data you want to register in detail.

Electronic medical invoice

Here you can receive and manage your electronic medical invoices and forward refund requests to your health insurer – evita is easy to use, environmentally friendly and clear.

Store your living will online

Your written living will helps family members, caregivers and physicians make difficult legally binding decisions in your best interests if you are no longer able to voice your wishes due to an accident, illness or senile dementia. Exercise your right to self-determination and define in your DOCUPASS health provisions what kind of treatment you wish to receive in the event that you need urgent medical care.

Emergency contacts

Define the people to be contacted in a medical emergency if you are no longer able to access your evita account for medical reasons. People in a close personal relationship with you, your family physician, your treating physicians or a specialist can quickly be informed of your current health status.

Travel documents

You can store not only medical data in your health record but also digital copies of important documents such as identity cards, airline tickets or reservations (up to 50 MB/document). Your important documents are always at hand and you can access them from anywhere, for example in case something gets lost during your holidays.

Hospital documents

Certain hospitals in Switzerland grant you access to your personal hospital documents such as laboratory results and surgical reports or X-rays if you have an evita health record. The highly sensitive patient data can be accessed through user authentication from anywhere via a secure Internet connection. Data is encrypted for transmission to maintain data security.