evita – your personal health record

evita is a web-based service allowing you access to your data via the Internet. It is not tied to a specific operating system. The data are stored centrally on the evita server in Switzerland and transmitted to your Internet-enabled device (such as a computer, smartphone or tablet) via the secure https transmission protocol. The personal evita health record consists of an evita user account (short account) in which you can create various personal health records. Through the account you receive access to the evita server. Log in as a user with your user name and password to access your health record. evita offers the perfect solution to securely store the medical data of your partner, your children, your parents and people close to you!

Log on/Register

Create your own personal evita account through a web browser or the evita iPhone or Android app. Go to www.evita.ch and click on “Register for Free”. Fill in the blanks and read the terms and conditions (Terms of Service). If you agree, tick “Save”. A few minutes later, you will receive a confirmation email via the specified email address. Click on the link in the email and enter your personal information in the form that appears. Once registered, you log in with your email address and your password to use all the functions in evita.

Enter data

In your personal evita health record various categories are available to bring order to your data. Enter your medical information as continuous text under the heading “Health” and upload, if required, an associated document such as an X-ray image. This allows you to archive X-rays, lab results or hospital discharge reports which have accumulated over the years through visits to your physician or the hospital, saving them in a single place where they are always accessible from anywhere.

If you are missing individual documents from your medical history, contact your treating physician. All patients are entitled to have access to the data maintained about them by their physician.

Access rights

You can grant all people who already have an evita account access to your personal data in your evita health record. Carefully select the types of access you want to allow (read and write or read only) and the categories to be viewed. You can change the access rights at any time. The access log meticulously registers who has viewed or edited your health record and when.

Add/manage health records

Click “Add file” and fill in the blanks. Confirm your entries by clicking “Save”. As soon as you have opened a health record for another person, you can view and edit it by clicking on “Select health record”. You can create and manage up to 10 health records, even for other people, in your evita account.