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Blood pressure is a vital indicator of your health. Fluctuations during the day are completely normal, as blood pressure is influenced among other things by age, gender, physical activity, diet, body weight, and the time of day the measurement is taken. One single measurement does not reflect a person's state of health. Physicians therefore often ask their patients to measure their blood pressure over a certain period of time at fixed times and to record the values.

With evita you can record your blood pressure readings conveniently online on your computer or via the free iPhone app. Another interesting option is the wireless blood pressure monitor from Withings. This unit can easily be connected to the evita health record and transmits the measured values directly to evita. The values are continuously recorded during each measurement and registered in the proper section of your evita health record, and you don’t even have to turn on your computer.

You can also grant your physician access to your blood pressure measurements in evita. He or she can view the data at any time on a computer without you being present. The blood pressure values you have recorded over several months are automatically displayed in a clear trend graph in evita. This allows your physician to see the overall development of your blood pressure at a glance, to detect problematic values rapidly, and to initiate an appropriate course of therapy.

With evita, you always keep a close eye on your blood pressure.