More security for physicians and family members

For many people, the thought of not being able to make their own decisions in the event of a serious accident or illness is frightening.

With the new Swiss Adult Protection Law, in force since 2013, physicians are required to ask whether you have a living will, and to respect the wishes and instructions you have communicated in it.

Storing a living will in evita removes the burden of difficult and painful decision-making for your family members. At the same time, having a living will gives you more control over what happens to you in the event that you need urgent medical care.


In collaboration with Pro Senectute, evita offers the electronic advance directive package DOCUPASS, in which you can document your personal concerns, needs, demands and wishes in the context of illness, care, dying and death. This allows you to exercise your right to self-determination and to define what kind of treatment you would like to receive in the event that you need urgent medical care.

With the online archiving solution for your living will in evita, healthcare professionals and members of your family will know immediately what kind of medical treatments you wish to receive or refuse. The DOCUPASS living will in evita provides legal certainty for family members, physicians, nurses, hospitals and nursing homes.