Electronic invoices for patients

"e-invoicing" is a free service offered by evita allowing you to receive and manage medical invoices digitally in your evita health record, and to forward refund requests directly to your health insurer. It’s simple, environmentally friendly and clear!

Save time

Do you want to reduce your paper waste and protect the environment? "e-invoicing" is the answer! Enable the "e-invoicing" service in evita and get your invoices and refund requests in digital form in your evita health record, provided that your physician manages and sends invoices through the service provider curabill. You can directly forward your medical invoices to your health insurer in digital form or print them if needed.

The advantages

If an electronic invoice has arrived in your evita account, you will be sent an e-mail or an SMS alerting you. You can forward the electronic refund request from your evita health record directly to your health insurer. Receiving electronic invoices and forwarding them to your health insurer are services which are offered for free.

Accruing fees

If your health insurer does not process electronic invoices and refund requests, curabill will forward your refund requests to your health insurer in paper for a fee of CHF 1.10 per order. The amount is automatically debited to your evita account, which you can top up with CHF 10 or 20 by charging your credit card. If you cancel, i.e. disable, the "e-invoicing" service, the remaining balance will be refunded.