What is evita?

evita is an online personal health record that makes your most important healthcare data available for retrieval wherever you are and whenever you need it. The necessary medical information is available at a glance to treating doctors whether at home or abroad, for fast and safe treatment. Ideal for an emergency or if your treating physician is not available.

In what languages is evita available?

evita is available in German, French, Italian and English.

What does evita cost?

The basic version of evita is free. In the future, evita will also offer fee-based functions.

What products does evita offer?

evita currently offers a free electronic health record, and in collaboration with Pro Senectute, a paid online archiving solution for your DOCUPASS documents.

What data can be stored in evita?

In evita you can store and manage your healthcare and medical data, such as vaccination certificates, prescription medicines, treatment plans or allergies, along with related documents such as X-rays. You can easily and conveniently enter your blood pressure, pulse, weight and body mass index at any time of the day or night. evita is also ideal for storing your living will, which helps physicians and family members make the right decisions in difficult situations. Moreover, under the heading “Travel data” you can store digital copies of your identity card, passport or vehicle documents so that you can quickly get replacements if the originals are lost.

Is there an iPhone app? Where can I download it?

You’ll find the evita iPhone app in the iTunes AppStore under the heading “evita health record”. With the evita app you can easily manage and edit your health record and scan documents with your iPhone.

Is there an app for Android?

evita is available in an optimised version for smartphones with Android or other operating systems since the beginning of 2014. Simply enter the web address www.evita.ch in the browser of your smartphone and you will be automatically redirected to the specifically optimised version for smartphones.