online patient registration

Patients of Inselspital, the Berne University Hospital, now have the possibility to conveniently complete the online patient registration form in evita via Internet. In this way, they save time going through the admission process and waiting at the patient admissions desk at the hospital.

The evita integrated online form will guide you through each step of the admission and supports you when entering the data. All the details pertaining to the person, family members, insurance etc. are transferred directly into the forms, where these data were previously entered in your evita health record.

A copy of your online admission file is automatically stored in your evita health record so that you have the required information available for any repeat admission.

Filling in the patient admission detail in your evita health record is really easy: Log on to evita as usual. Access the registration form in the category "Personal". Click on "Online Patient Check-In" in the list to the left underneath the entry "Hospital".


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