Who can access my healthcare data in an emergency?

Both chambers of Switzerland's federal Parliament have ruled that in future hospitals must use electronic health records for patients. This is an important decision for patients in Switzerland and good news for Swisscom Health.

The Swiss Parliament and the Federal Council are convinced of the benefits of electronic health records, and rightly so. If medical information about a patient is permanently available in electronic form, the quality of treatment increases. At the same time costs can be saved because duplicate examinations can be avoided and processes in hospitals and medical practices simplified. With evita, the electronic health record, Swisscom offers a product that is already established in the market and now has a new impetus thanks to the adoption of the Federal Law on the electronic patient health record.

New features for evita

You can now also log in to your evita health record via the Swisscom Login to simplify the login process. Furthermore, in the case of a medical emergency, in which the patient is no longer responsive, physicians e.g. can access your previous health information via an emergency access. The login details for the emergency access can be printed out and kept in your wallet.

With the evita health record, you are better equipped to handle illnesses and accidents and to manage your health. In addition you can now connect Fitbit and various other fitness trackers such as iHealth to your evita health record. The number of sensors that can be integrated will be continuously added to.




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