New fitness sensors in evita

You can now start using the Fitbit fitness tracker and the sensors from iHealth in evita as we have expanded our list of additional functions for self-tracking. The list of sensors currently contains the newly added popular pedometer and sensors for measuring pulse rates and oxygen saturation alongside the existing WiFi-compatible personal scale and blood pressure monitor.

With the integration of these new sensors we have completely redesigned and modernised our range of vital signs. We have added options for pulse, temperature, steps and calorie recording to the already existing weight and blood pressure measurement. This way you can store all your fitness data in one and the same place, always ready at a glance in evita.

The sensors are now connected using Swisscom's Sensor Platform which supports Withings, Fitbit, iHealth and more than 160 other sensor options. In the course of the coming months we will gradually integrate these sensors into evita.

Let’s develop smart ideas for evita together! Send us an email stating your preferred fitness sensors so that we can aim at integrating additional sensors to match your personal preference profile.


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