How are the data in evita protected?

  • The data in evita are encrypted and transmitted to your Internet-enabled device via the https protocol using the accredited SSL encryption method.
  • The server infrastructure is maintained in a highly secured environment
  • The server hard drives are encrypted

What about data protection in evita?

The data protection in evita operates at various levels:

  • The evita server only transmits encrypted data to your Internet-enabled device. evita of course observes the strict data protection laws in Switzerland.
  • Only the owners of the evita health records can authorise or enable other users to access their data.

Is my healthcare data safe?

Yes. We attach the highest priority to the protection of your data and your privacy. Only you and the people authorised by you (for example, family members, physicians and medical professionals) can view and edit the data. You can revoke access privileges at any time.

Neither Swisscom employees ever have access to your data in the evita health record. The data is safely protected from unauthorised viewing and manipulation. To achieve this we always use state-of-the art security technologies: encrypted data transfer and data storage, and access control with two-factor authentication of the user by means of user name, password and SMS code.

All access to your health record is registered in detail. You can view the appropriate access log at any time in your evita health record.